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The Human Experience Focuses on Advocacy & Entertainment. Here’s Why:

The Human Experience highlights the arts, entertainment and advocacy because it is the creative people and the advocates who are influencing our queer culture. T.H.E. believes that people have the power to change our culture.

Currently we live in a culture and society that prohibits queer individuals from basic human rights, that degrades, sexualizes and puts less value on women, that aligns beauty and our value on our bodies, and not on us as individuals. We live in a culture that dehumanizes us, that creates many others, which fosters an us versus them mentality.

This is the current climate of our culture, but we can change it since we make up our culture by what we buy, support, take part in and create.

Writers, filmmakers, actors, painters, photographers – the people who are adding queer storylines to media, they are contributing to an evolved culture. And the people who are creating organizations like The Make It Safe Project and The Trevor Project – they’re contributing to a more positive queer culture. The Human Experience will amplify the voices of the creative community and those who promote advocacy so more people can support what they’re doing and take part in creating a culture that we want to live in.

Together we can positively influence and change queer culture because we are the culture.

In the Advocacy & Entertainment section you will find reviews, articles and interviews relating to the creative queer community & those who impact our culture.

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Our social media campaigns are an avenue for you to express and share your human experience either through writing, photography or video. The more human experience submissions we receive, the more diversity we’ll have to show the world.

Each of our identities are unique and each of our identities are valid. The labels that I identify with are only aspects of who I am. No single word captures my entire human experience, and just because I identify with labels such as lesbian, woman, Mexican-American – it doesn’t mean that my experience with those labels are the same with another person who also identifies with them. No two people are the same.

We share commonalities in our human experiences, but there is diversity in our individual experiences.

Share Your Human Experience with the World.

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