Alt-Country Female Rockers Antigone Rising Launch Two New EPs with Your Help

By Kristen Hawley

Antigone Rising 3

Psst…have you heard?! Antigone Rising is amazing! The all-female, boot stompin’ country rock band from New York is comprised of Nini Camps (lead singer), Dena Tauriello (drums) and founding sisters Kristen Henderson (bass/vocals) and Cathy Henderson (guitar/vocals). Can I get a big ‘hell yeah’ from all of my fellow country music lovers out there?

These ladies exploded into the spotlight in 2005, becoming the first band on Starbuck’s Hear Music (Lava Records) selling over 150,000 copies of their debut LP. They’ve been shaking things up ever since, touring with acts such as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Allman Brothers Band and Rob Thomas. After the 2011 release, 23 Red, Antigone Rising traveled to the Middle East, spending time in Israel and the West Bank as cultural ambassadors for the United States Embassy. More recently, founding member Kristen Ellis-Henderson was featured on the front cover of Time magazine‘s groundbreaking Marriage Equality issue.

Antigone Rising

What’s are they working on now? They are set to release not one, but two 5-song EPs this year, titled Whiskey & Wine  – Volume 1 and Whiskey & Wine – Volume 2. They are launching a Pledge Music campaign to fund these projects.

Through their Pledge Music campaign, they’re not only raising funds for the recording, promotion, marketing and touring or their two EPs, but they are also giving back to the community. Five percent of the proceeds are going to GLAAD upon hitting the targeted goal.

The fundraising campaign is live at This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all Antigone Rising fans. By backing their campaign, you will receive exclusive incentives for ultimate access into the band’s 2014 musical journey.

Antigone Rising has personalized the pledge rewards. You can have Skype drumming lessons with Dena, you can jam with the band in a rehearsal space, you can get a private performance, including a wine and whiskey tasting, you can get VIP backstage access to their shows, you can go bowling with the band and have dinner with the band in either New York or Atlanta. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more pledge rewards, including an advanced digital download of Whiskey & Wine – Volume 1.

The first EP, Whiskey & Wine – Volume 1, featuring the singles “Everything Changes,” “Whiskey & Wine,” “Call Me Crazy,” “Magnolia on the Breeze” and “Get To You,” is already completed and will drop on March 25, 2014. The second EP, Whiskey & Wine – Volume 2, still in its production phase, is set to come out on October 28, 2014.

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In the meantime, Antigone Rising is hitting the road again with tour dates lined-up across the US – grab your buddies and dance like no one is watching! If you’d prefer, set sail and check the ladies out on an upcoming performance in early February on the leadership and equality cruise sponsored by Olivia, along with The Indigo Girls.

For more information, visit their Facebook page. They love to hear from their fans. They can also be contacted through their website at All of their music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Sound Cloud.

A sound bite from Cathy Henderson, co-founder and lead guitarist of Antigone Rising, on the story behind the band’s name.

The story of Antigone is rooted in standing up for your beliefs, regardless of the situation or the outcome. In Greek legend, Antigone insisted on giving her brother a proper burial after he was killed in battle, deemed a traitor by the king and left to be eaten by vultures (so the story goes…). She stood up against authority for what she felt was right regardless of consequence at a time when women were outwardly treated as inferior. In a sense, it’s what we are committed to doing as well. We believe in ourselves and our music, and will stop at nothing to continue doing what we love.

You can help them to continue doing what they love by making a pledge to their campaign, getting something awesome in return, and supporting GLAAD and they work they do in the process (

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