Bria and Chrissy Premiere Their First Ever Music Video: Take Me To Heaven

By Emelina Minero

Bria and Chrissy Take Me To Heaven Kissing

Bria and Chrissy

Musical duo, real life lesbian couple and YouTube sweethearts Bria and Chrissy have been sharing their love and using their voices to advocate for a better world since August 1, 2014 – the day they published their first YouTube video, “Mitt Romney on Taxes (We Put the Money in the Caymans).”

Since 2012, with videos like “Dear Chick-Fil-A (Because I’m a Homosexual),” “I Have Two Moms,” “Legitimate Rape Song (Thank You Todd Akin),” and “Anti-Bullying Song (15 Bullied Years),” Bria and Chrissy have been creating satirical, humorous and serious videos bringing their commentary to the political climate, bullying and the LGBT community. They also share their personal life and love for each other through video blogs of their everyday lives, Q&A videos, answering questions from their fans, and topic videos, talking about their own experiences on issues like bullying and sexuality.

Between their two channels, Bria and Chrissy and Our Lesbian Love, they have accumulated 60 million views and 350 thousand followers. What these numbers reflect are their compassion, heart and love for connecting people together and inspiring people to believe in themselves and their power in creating a better world.

Not only are Bria and Chrissy amazing human beings, but they are talented musicians, as well. November, 2013, they released their debut album Face Your Fears. “Take Me To Heaven” is their first music video from their debut album, which follows a love story between two women (

Watch Bria and Chrissy’s First Ever Music Video Here

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