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The Human Experience focuses on creating a positive queer culture. Here’s Why & How:

If you take a gander at our Advocacy & Entertainment section, you’ll read about why we highlight those themes in our publication. We want to support and promote the people who are creating queer media and resources because it is their work that greatly impacts queer culture.

The Human Experience will contribute towards creating positive queer media that’s realistic, humanizing and that portrays people as individuals without reinforcing stereotypes. We will not only do this through accurate and honest news coverage or through our Advocacy & Entertainment section, but we will also support the creation of positive queer media by supporting the up-and-coming artists and advocates. This is the purpose of our DIY section.

Our DIY section will be subscription-based. If you subscribe, you will get acces to a directory of how-to content: articles, essays, videos & interviews. This section acts as a mentor for the creative queer community by the creative queer community. We will interview the artists and advocates who already have the experience in making in a web series, in writing and self-publishing a book and in starting meet-up groups in their hometown.

T.H.E. how-to section will empower, support and enable others to create queer media, to get involved in advocacy and to get involved in their communities, which will directly affect our queer culture.

We will add two new articles weekly to our directory of shared skills, instruction and experiences relating to the pursuits of creative, artistic cultural projects.

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Our social media campaigns are an avenue for you to express and share your human experience either through writing, photography or video. The more human experience submissions we receive, the more diversity we’ll have to show the world.

Each of our identities are unique and each of our identities are valid. The labels that I identify with are only aspects of who I am. No single word captures my entire human experience, and just because I identify with labels such as lesbian, woman, Mexican-American – it doesn’t mean that my experience with those labels are the same with another person who also identifies with them. No two people are the same.

We share commonalities in our human experiences, but there is diversity in our individual experiences.

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