Facebook Releases LGBT Messenger Stickers for Pride

By Emelina Minero

Facebook Pride Messenger Stickers

To celebrate Pride, Facebook just launched 28 free Pride Facebook Messenger stickers to the Sticker Store. You can now send your friends and family adorable Pride stickers in your Facebook messages.

“We see this as one more way we can make Facebook a place where people can express their authentic identity,” said Facebook’s Carolyn Merrell.

There are stickers you can send to congratulate your recently married friends, and there are even stickers you can send to that special someone who has caught your eye.

Among the sticker ensemble are: a cute old gay couple holding hands, two brides holding a cat, LGBT people taking selfies and a proud father holding his son’s hand, wearing a shirt that says, “I love my son.”

If you’re new to the Facebook sticker world, here is a tutorial on how to send some sticker love.

To stay up to date on the latest information around LGBTQ and diversity at Facebook, follow Facebook’s Diversity Facebook Page and LGBTQ Facebook Page.

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