Film Review: Raven’s Touch

By Emelina Minero

Raven's Touch

Kate, played by Traci Dinwiddie, and her children, Maya and Jack.

Produced by Marina Rice Bader (Elena Undone, Anatomy of a Love Seen), directed by Bader and Dreya Weber (The Gymnast, A Marine Story), written by Weber, and starring Weber and Traci Dinwiddie (Elena Undone), Raven’s Touch has all the ingredients for a great lesbian film.

Raven’s Touch isn’t a lesbian film we’ve seen before. Unlike Elena Undone and The Gymnast — two movies I adore — Raven’s Touch is set in a society where being LGBT is part of the norm, like a lot of pockets of the world today.

It was refreshing to experience a movie where being gay wasn’t an issue or part of the storyline. Raven’s Touch is a story about grief and the powerful transformation that comes from letting go.

After the death of a loved one, Raven, played by Weber, secludes herself at a remote family cabin, losing herself to grief and blame. She crosses paths with Kate, played by Dinwiddie, who takes her two kids camping to reconnect with them and to find and ground herself after a bad breakup with her girlfriend.

It’s not often we see queer female leads who are older than their late twenties, and it’s not often that we see a LGBT family portrayed, or the relationship between a queer parent and their children. It was beautiful, and it resonated with me.

There were moments where the acting could have felt more real, but it was a fresh and modern story that was a joy to watch. For updates on where to see screenings or how to watch the film online, like their Facebook page: Raven’s Touch.

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