Film Review: Tucky William’s “Juliet and Romeo”

By Jaime Konzelman

Juliet and Romeo Film Poster

Tucky Williams’ short film, Juliet and Romeo, brings a modern twist to Shakespeare’s classic with two actresses cast to reenact the famous balcony scene.

From a cinematography perspective, Juliet and Romeo doesn’t disappoint. Viewers are thrown into the passion of young love with breathy tones and anticipation.

Despite being a lover of Shakespeare, I found the intensity of the short a bit difficult to fully connect to emotionally given its brevity. Without the opportunity to get more invested in their relationship, the scenes came across overly dramatic for my taste.

Overall, Williams produces solid work that the world needs more of to right the imbalance of same-sex couples in media. Definitely another step in the right direction.

Visit to see all of Williams’ work, including seasons 1-3 of Girl/Girl Scene.

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