I Am The Human Experience: Anonymous

I am Autistic, dyspraxic, gender fluid with a female body, but first and foremost, I am a human being.

I am the human experience. I am a daughter, a lover, a health care worker, a Goth, Granddaughter, niece, a friend, a college student, a tax payer, a university graduate. I am not academic!

I am the human experience. I am the one who they laugh at in the street and shove their mates into me for a joke. I am the one that they call ugly and constantly put me down instead of support me.

I am the human experience. I am the one who society blocks at every turn. I cannot have a fertility test and if my transgender partner wants a baby she will postpone her hormone treatment. Her depression is irrelevant because we do not fit the “normal couple label;” basically, we are not heterosexual!

I am the human experience. I am the one who has to pretend to be something I’m not at work because I don’t want them to judge my performance against my Autism or fire me for having a transgender girlfriend.

I am the human experience. Society’s ableism makes me sick and programmes like The Undateables and Take Me Out should not exist. The Undateables, you are parading a difficulty about like it’s a display, and Take Me Out focuses on objectifying men and women.

I am the human experience. I am the one who is anxious all the time, anxious when the bus is late or when my plans change. I am even anxious to greet you and tell you who I am because it has taken me this long to figure it out myself, so how can I even begin to tell you?

I am the human experience. I am the one who they told my parents that I would never achieve and to be grateful if I achieve anything.

I am the human experience, and I am here to show them they are wrong. In an ideal world where labels did not exist I am a person who enjoys theatre, historical reenactment, feeling close to another individual and, most of all, feeling loved.

I am the human experience. I am here to help others and to provide a secure base for others to feel wanted and loved. I never wish another individual to experience what I have and I want to help others explore what they need to make them feel better.

– Anonymous

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