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I am a U.S. Army Retired Soldier, Wife worshipper, future mother, two puppies lover, college student, DADT survivor, world traveller, old soul, epilepsy warrior, conservative hippie, amateur culinary chef, Ohana adorer, antique hoarder, 13.1 endurer, multi-racial Southerner, Disabled Combat Veteran, not so amateur photographer, multi-cultured Kama’aina, manga reader, positive being, ENFP that loves her INTJ, volunteer worker, forgiver of the not so open-minded, happily married & gay but first and foremost, I am a beautiful, optimistic Human being.<3

A self-quote about my life. With Bob Marley/Nirvana on repeat :

I believe in God. I believe in Ohana. I believe in Love.♥

I believe in the Robert F. Kennedy Mindless Menace of Violence speech and its foundation. I believe in the moral of the memoir Tuesdays with Morrie & The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I believe in long walks to anywhere and everywhere, peacefully exploring with the eyes and mind. I believe in time and cherishing simple moments. I believe in creating your own adventure in life. I believe in laughing at yourself, and with others, or for no reason at all. I believe in dreaming: while you are asleep, while you are awake: about the past, about the present and of the future.

I believe in regretting nothing, forgiving yourself for the past and of today. I believe in creating a positive self for today and for tomorrow. I believe in speaking your mind. I believe that life is a game, with no prize, no point, but to be happy and live only by the rules that you decide. I believe in living life to the fullest, being true to yourself, and taking risks to get what you want… even if it means going against the expected. That’s the ENFP in me.

SFC Epilepsy

I believe in the kisses from the warm sun and the breezy embrace of the wind on the beach in Haleiwa. I believe in long Southern summer days and nites, catching junebugs in Kentucky & listening to crickets sing in South Carolina. I believe in kissing at Disney World, nites in New York holding hand in hand, and dancing bachateo with My Love on the beach in Puerto Rico. I believe in humid Texas nites with My Love, playing bingo and never winning. I believe in the crisp cool mornings of the fall…the magic of the winter. I believe in spring: Rebirth. I believe in Family reunions, cooking soul food together. I believe in picture phones and photography…capturing good memories.

I believe in Woodstock ’69.

I believe in music: piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin, ukulele, banjo, dubstep bass, more cowbell and humming a sweet song to yourself. I believe in listening to all genre’s, especially Jawaiian, 90’s rock, KPop, and bachata with My Love. I believe in dancing to the beat of my own drum and to country music and jazz with My Love in our living room or kitchen. Dancing is an expression of thoughts within, enough said.

I believe in poetry, broadways, and supporting your local plays, musicals, antique auctions, Pow Wow’s, international and independent films. I believe in graffiti as a form of art. I believe in tattoos being a form of painful expression of who you are presently or were in a brief moment in time. I believe in education, for the present and future generations. For your heart, soul, and mind to learn. I believe in reading the newspaper, especially on comic Sunday’s. I believe in movies, the classics and the new. I believe in movie theaters: the brief couple of hours where strangers are together, collective and peaceful. I believe in thrift shops. I believe in shelters and making yourself better than yesterday. I believe in nature. I believe in traveling the world to learn culture, food, religion and music to teach our own children the diversity of the human race. I believe in traveling within my “own back yard” to appreciate the country I was born in.

I believe in cooking with my heart & soul. For My Love and our children. I believe in cooking organic traditional foods of different ethnicities and cultures. Thank my service to our country abroad for helping me embrace our vast, beautiful world.

SFC Stetson

I believe in history of my ancestry. I believe in being multi-racial and multi-cultured. I believe in embracing positive aspects of other’s culture’s into your own. Old-fashioned & traditional. Thank all six of my parent’s and community for raising me to be unique.

I believe in certain sports : surfing, soccer, sky-diving, squirrel hunting and sumu wrestling. I believe in cheering My Wife on as she runs a 26.2 as I walk by her side, or behind her at the very least, even if it took me 4:30 for a 13.1. She called it “determination” as she walked beside me, medal on her chest, with absolute pride of me being her Wife. I believe in Louisville & UK. I believe in UH & USC.

I believe in exploring the mind and heart.

I believe in passion. I believe in compassion. I believe in first dates. I believe in second dates too. I believe in love at first sight. I believe in fireworks and mortars during the first kiss. I believe in commitment and second chances. I believe in being the best friend to the one you love, and holding hands ‘til your 105 & 108 years old. Then getting re-married to the same beautiful being to celebrate more of life together.

I believe in walking down the aisle with My Love; hearing, feeling, and knowing “Precious Moments” within our hearts, souls, and minds. She is my soul mate, my world.

I believe in marrying my soul mate more than seven times within our lifetime together. I believe in spending our lifelong honeymoon in our favorite places, known and unknown to us, throughout the world. I believe in revisiting those places again during the year of our 50th anniversary, and on that special day, spending it amongst our family.

I believe in being your own best friend. I believe in being your parents and grandparents best friend. I believe in being your children’s best friend. I believe having God be your best friend, or whomever positive being you believe in. I believe in being humble.

SFC in Iraq

I believe in working hard, and hardly working. I believe in playing hard, and hardly playing. I believe in the conservative in me and also the hippie in me. I believe in the adult in me and also the kid in me. I believe in enjoying stupid moments at the circus/carnival, eating elephant ears, malasadas, and spam musubi and laughing the nite away. I believe in wearing this uniform and combat boots. I believe in moments in Life, relaxing. I believe in life long friendship, and everlasting love. I believe in smiling at strangers, making their day.

I believe in being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating – these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything.

I believe in learning. I believe that life knows when you become too comfortable or confident: it will sometimes throw something completely unexpected in the middle of your path of life. I believe in still being positive during that moment.

I believe in optimism. I also believe in opportunity. I believe in giving and receiving as a form of expressing who you are.

I believe in wearing rose-coloured glasses.

I believe in teaching. I believe in children and their innocence. I believe in older folks: their wisdom and memories. I believe that no one anywhere really knows what the heck is going on, and those who think they have the right answer, are the most confused. I believe I myself am sometimes confused about life, but understand to just enjoy it.

“I believe in The Manapua Man” ♥

I believe in nicknames. I believe in “adopted/calabash” family: my Battles and Soldiers are also my family. I believe in eating Korean ice cream for breakfast, then fruits and vegetables for the rest of the day.

I believe in myself and I believe in others. I believe sometimes I expect way too much from myself, yet not enough from others.

I believe in not taking life, marriage, family, friendship, and love for granted.

I believe in y’all.

I believe in me. Aloha♥

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