I Am The Human Experience: Linda Kay Silva

Originally published on October 26, 2012 on T.H.E. Blog.

Linda Kay Silva: Author, Professor and Inspiration

Written by Jaime Konzelman

Linda Kay Silva

I am an American, African, World, British Lit and modern Epic Fantasy professor at an American Military University. I am a Harley rider and a writer of three series: the Delta Stevens series (police-mystery), the Across Time series (soul mates and time travel) and the Echo Branson series (paranormal urban fantasy). I am an avid reader (my personal favorite is Elizabeth Peters), a pond builder, a tennis player, a world traveler, a stepmom, a dog owner (Lucy would say it’s the other way around), a saver of turtles and tortoises, a tea-drinking, Scrabble-playing fool and an eccentric Aquarian who enjoys life to the fullest, but first and foremost, I am a human being.

I believe in Gaia theory, living fearlessly and turning life’s lemons into lemonade. I thrive off of positive energy and believe a strong connection between thought, intention and action is the formula for creating anything you want for yourself and your life.

As a world traveler and humanitarian, I’ve seen the frailness of majestic creatures threatened by recklessness in our humanity. We are our own worst enemies when first we focus on instant gratifications while ignoring global crises, like the dwindling population of the African Cheetah.

Growing up, my mom was my mentor, a fundamentalist Christian and a powerful woman. She was also my best friend. That all changed when I chose to come out as gay. At twenty-eight-years-old, I chose to boldly own my identify and be true to myself, lest live in a cage of my own design. Likely the biggest struggle of my life, not being true to myself, was not an option. As if scripted by Satan himself, my god-loving mother really believed and vocalized that she would rather I be alone and miserable than be with a woman and burn in hell. Today, I liken coming out to pulling off a band-aid. Yes, it hurts at first, but underneath is a cut that can heal and gain access to the life of your dreams.

I’m blessed in this life with all the universe brings my way. I found the love of my life. My partner for fifteen years and our family is the center of my universe. Yet even today, after the repeal of DOMA, I work for an institution that doesn’t yet support domestic partner benefits to allow me to provide for my family’s basic needs, and I know we are not alone in our struggle. The fight for human equality still has a long way to go. I envision a world guided by the Goddess religions, breathing and honoring all life. Perhaps even a shift from male dominated leadership to an abundance of female leaders across politics, finance and even spirituality.

If I leave any legacy to my family and beyond, I will impart that we are all interconnected, that as human beings we are far more powerful than we tend to think and at the end of the day, while life is full of obstacles, there are no obstacles so obtrusive that they cannot be overcome as long as the obstacle in your way is not you. (lindakaysilva.com)

Author Bio

Jaime Konzelman is a free spirit and an adventurer, a problem solver and a connector. After spending over a decade spanning both agency and brand roles while journaling for solace, Ms. Konzelman has entered the realm of freelance writing. She is passionate about the power of giving life to raw emotion through written expression and driving insights and empowering growth through her writing. An aspiring author and fitness junky, she is proud to call Las Vegas home. Catch up with Jaime on her personal blog, Findingmyfire on WordPress, or LinkedIn.

Jaime Konzelman interviewed Linda Kay Silva and wrote her Human Experience piece through the first person perspective of Silva.

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