I Am The Human Experience (Living as a Polyglot): Linabel Ramirez

I want a personal identity—singular,

But I continue to kill it.

 The symptoms usually start with amnesia.

 I forget which identity is real

The same way I forget which language rolled off the tip of my tongue first.

The truth is that I know the languages of many identities.

I am a polyglot.

 I am multilingual.

Not only do I speak and understand the Spanish and English language,

But I also speak the language of the educated middle-class

 And that of the poor.

I am familiar with the language of the queer and the homosexual.

I am fluent in the language of the woman of color.

I speak youth.

I speak women.

I speak Hispanic.

 I am here; I am there, and finally,

 I am nowhere.

I am a frustrated bridge ready to collapse.

I collapse.

I am without a title.

 I am without an identity.

I am a hybrid created by different patches of the original.

I am no longer original.

I put myself in a struggle every day to be original—

To speak the language of only one,

But I pick-and-choice-and -hide the one I am able to hide

Because I am selfish;

Because I have the power to choose.

 I want more choices.

 I want more options

 And the more choices I get,

 The more I kill my original identity.

I want to experience all the colors in the world without dying.

 I need my true personal identity to live through the confusion and through the experiences I encounter.

I want to just be.

But I am a Polyglot.

I am the Human Experience.

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