Funding Jenny’s Wedding: We Need More Queer Movies On The Big Screen

By Emelina Minero


How many mainstream, nation-wide films have you seen in the theaters with a queer character? Now take away the films where the queer character was portrayed as the villain. Take away the films where the queer character died. Take away the films where the queer character wasn’t the lead. Take away the films where the storyline was about the controversy of being LGBT.

What films are you left with? What films were there to begin with?

There are some great films with queer characters that have hit the big screen: PhiladelphiaBrokeback Mountain, The Dallas Buyer’s ClubThe Kids Are Alright and Pariah.

The Kids Are Alright was an alright movie; it wasn’t spectacular as a film, but it was spectacular that well known actresses portrayed a same-sex couple and family on the big screen and got the attention of national media.

Pariah was a spectacular film. It was emotionally honest and captured the rawness of the human experience for Alike, a Brooklyn teenager coming into her sexual identity and herself. It didn’t get as much national attention as The Kids Are Alright, likely because the actresses weren’t as well known and because the film was about a black butch lesbian, instead of a white bisexual and lesbian and their family.

What about Jenny’s Wedding? Jenny’s Wedding follows Jenny Farrell, played by Katherine Heigl, who has led an openly gay life, except with her conventional family.

From Indiegogo:

When she finally decides to start a family and marry the woman they thought was just her roommate (Alexis Bledel), the small, safe world the Farrell’s inhabited changes forever. They are left with a simple and difficult choice – either change with it or drown.

The Cast of Jenny's Wedding

The Cast of Jenny’s Wedding

Jenny’s Wedding hasn’t hit the theaters yet, but there’s a possibility that it will. The film has been shot and is in post-production, and MM Productions is hosting an Indiegogo campaign so they can license quality music for the soundtrack.

Why is it important that we see this film in the theaters? One, it’s already made, and the possibility of Jenny’s Wedding making it to the big screen is likely. Two, American culture is evolving and becoming more accepting of the queer community, but mainstream and queer culture are not integrated. Being queer is still an issue. States are still trying to pass same-sex marriage bans and Arizona tried and almost passed a law that would have made it okay for businesses to deny LGBT people. We don’t have equal rights.

Awareness and familiarity breaks down bigotry and helps people open their hearts. If Jenny’s Wedding was played nationally in theaters, we’d have a film with a lesbian lead played by a known white young actress, and her girlfriend would be played by a known white young actress.

It’s unfortunate that people pay more attention to youth, celebrity and white people, but because that’s true of our culture, this film can be perceived as a more “safe” watch and story to get picked up by national media.

Will Jenny’s Wedding be representative of all queer people? No. No film can do that. Will it resonate with some people? Yes, and it’s that emotional connection that can change people’s hearts and minds.

The film goes beyond the I-don’t-accept-my-gay-kid storyline. It’s about love. It’s about being queer in a rural town. It’s about family and normalizing the experience of same-sex weddings.

The film is about Jenny’s journey, her journey with her family and revealing an aspect of herself to them that she has kept hidden for a long time. It’s about people’s own personal limitations and the courage it takes to move past one’s own limits.

Watch A Glimpse Into Jenny’s Wedding

If you would like to fund Jenny’s Wedding on Indiegogo, they have partnered with From the Heart Productions and PFLAG Cleveland. Not only will you get a perk for any pledge you make, but it will also be a tax right off, and a percentage of your pledge will be donated to PFLAG Cleveland.

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